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Karanj Seed Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Available Options (Aluminum bottle start from 100ml to 1000ML)

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Botanical Name: Pongamia pinnata

Color: Yellowish orange to brown

Part typically used: Seed

Application: Karanj is a part of the pea family, and the seed is used for curing multiple skin diseases

Product description:

Karanj is also known as Millettia pinnata and belongs to the pea family, Fabaceae. It is native in the tropical region and can be availed in the temperate Asian lands, like in China, Indian subcontinent, Japan, Pacific and in Australia. This karanj can grow in the arid zones and are used for multiple traditional services. It is mostly used for some landscaping purposes for shade or as a windbreak. The flowers are used as compost for its rich nutrients. Furthermore, the bark can be used for making rope or twine and it has a black gum, used for treating wounds, as caused by some poisonous fishes.

Known benefits:

Known for its anti-bacterial features, Karanj is perfect for treating multiple skin diseases and a perfect material for creating some Ayurvedic medicines. There are some other known benefits attached to it.

Skin disease treatment: Predominantly, this karanj seed oil is used to create some Ayurvedic medicines, used solely for treating skin diseases. From simple wound to some rashes, this oil works on it magically.

Other medical benefits: The product is used for detoxifying some vaginal diseases, and best suitable for uterine disorders. Not only that, but is relieves bloating and abdominal tumor. The karanj seed oil is used in multiple medicines, known for treating hemorrhoids or piles. It is a perfect medication for quick wound healing and can relieve you from worm infestation.

Fever and psychological conditions: Other than the points mentioned above, karanj seed oil is used for treating fever. It helps in keeping the body temperature under control and help in relieving body from toxic accumulation. Furthermore, this natural oil works wonder for treating some well-known psychological conditions.


Even though the residue and oil of this plant are toxic, but the sprouts and fruits are used in multiple traditional medicines. Juices along with the oil of this plant are known for their antiseptic features and are pest resistant. Furthermore, Karanj has a rare quality of producing seeds of nearly 40% lipid content, which is further half of the oleic acid. Other than that, the seed’s oil is used in soap making, lamp oil, and as lubricants for time immemorial. This oil is known for its triglycerides content with effective result, from the first time of its usage.

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