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Grapefruit Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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The essential oil of grape fruit is very beneficial. It helps in fighting the cellulite problem. Lymphatic system can also be boosted by the use of this oil which results in enhancing the good mood and it helps in revitalising the mind. The digestive system can be stimulated by the use of this oil which helps in clearing skin from acne and congestions.


Grape fruit was originated in Asian region but now it is cultivated in united states of America and brazil and Israel. The plant of the grape fruit can grow about 10 meters in height. The tree also bears white flowers and pale yellow fruit. The oil can be extracted from the peel and the oil glands are deeply rooted in the skin of the grape fruit.


The grape fruit oil is extracted by the cold pressing technique from the peel of the matured fruit. The yellow watery consistency with rich citrus fragrance has very refreshing impact on the mind and the body.


The main benefit of grape fruit oil is that it helps in reducing the temperature of the body. Grape fruit oil also has purifying abilities and can used as decongestant. It is also highly beneficial for the case of overheated liver.

The oil is helpful in aromatherapy sessions also. It helps in uplifting the mood and the person is filled with positive energy as it helps in gaining positive joyous assurance. It is also very helpful in battling the depression, and releasing the stress from the body by treating the problems of the nervous system.

Few properties of grape fruit oil helps in controlling the greasiness of the skin and due to of its property of controlling the greasiness this oil is added to many cosmetic products. Lymphatic properties of the grape fruit oil help in fighting the cellulite of the body which results in decrease of the fleshiness of the body. It has refreshing aroma and thus it can be added to the diffuser to induce citrusy, lemony scent in the house and thus it can be used i9n the form of room freshener at home.

It helps in controlling the appetite by decreasing the appetite while assisting in digestion and increasing the metabolism which is helpful in the weight reduction and managing the weight. Grape fruit oil has many therapeutic properties. It can be used as anti-depressant, antiseptic, diuretic, aperitif, disinfectant, lymphatic, stimulus and toxic.

Presence of vitamin c in the grape fruit oil is extremely beneficial for the immunity system of the body. Grape fruit oil also helps in preventing us against cold, flu and it also controls the problems of obesity, by treating many other disorders associated with the condition.

It has positive effect on the mind which helps in reducing the stress and depression, muscle fatigue, stiffness and stimulation of the lymphatic system which helps in clearing the harmful toxins of the body. And grape fruit oil is very effective for treating these problems and has a high success rate. It is also very helpful in cleaning the congested skin which also helps in fighting acne caused by excessive oil in the skin. It helps in toning and revitalising the texture of the skin for soft, supple, smooth and glowing skin with healthy tissues. It helps in boosting the hair growth so it is added to many hair care products.

By the regular use of grape fruit oil digestion can be improved and it can also be used for blended massage.

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