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Tomar Seed Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum armatum

Color: Pale yellow

Part typically used: Seed

Application: The Tomar seed is known for its amazing ayurvedic benefits, followed by a rich and long lasting aroma

Product description:

Tomar is mainly a prickly ash tree. It is the significant member of the Citrus family, defined as Rutaceae. This tree is indigenous to the Eastern Asian region and can extend to China. The essential oil of this tree is mainly extracted from its seeds, by using the steam distillation procedure. This essential oil comprises of a warm, spicy, rich, peppery and a floral aroma to it, whose usage has been known since the pre-historic period. This oil is known for its amazing healing effect, which is used for treating multiple forms of health conditions. Starting from unwanted oral pain to the other pain relieving method, this seed oil works magically on very pain.

Known benefits:

The Tomar seed oil is primarily known for its amazing ayurvedic benefits. This tree is known for being the best sweet smelling tonic for treating fever, cholera and even dyspepsia.

Natural insecticide: The essential tomar seed oil is primarily known for its 28 compounds, which act as the perfect natural insecticide. It comprises of its impeccable antifungal property, and has the power to fight against 24 different fungi. It further comprise of larvicidal and repellent activity against mosquito vectors. Therefore, it can work as a great alternative to chemical larvicides.

Treat other ailments: Apart from the points mentioned above, this oil comprises of its own warmth. It helps in treating multiple ailments like indigestion, rheumatism, bronchitis, toothaches, varicose veins and even cholera. It is further known for projecting spasmolytic effects, which acts as a natural remedy for treating multiple gastrointestinal disorders and other respiratory problems.


Mostly, Tomar seed oil is known for its amazing antifungal properties, making it a perfect ayurvedic medicine of all time. However, this product is known for religious aspects, as well. The ethnic and social groups in Uttaranchan Himalaya areas use this product as food, medicine and barter. In some religions, this tree is kno0wn to possess some magical powers, as well. More or less, every part of this tree is used for treating fever, dysperia, and even cholera. The leaves and even the sun-dried bark of this tree are considered to be effective for treating multiple ailments. From treating hepatitis diseases to much more, tomar seed oil is the most effective natural medication of all time.

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