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Calendula Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Calendula is a plant which can be grown throughout the year and blossoms from month of June to October. During this period of time calendula plant bears huge flowers which is orange and yellow in colour. It has rectangular branch which grows about one to two feet in height.


Calendula essential oil has many properties like cathartic, spasmolytic, sudorific and vulnerary properties. Gastrointestinal disorders like abdomen spasms, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerations and diarrhea can be treated by the use of calendula flower oil. It is also used for treating fever, boils and it’s hugely effective in the prevention of nausea as well. Balms can also be extracted by dehydrating the flowers and the leaves which is beneficial for wounds and injuries. The juice which is extracted from the fresh flowers can be applied directly on twists, pulled muscles, sores and boils. Warts can also be removed by the application of this juice at the affected area. The tincture extracted from this flower is useful in treating gastritis and menstrual problems.

Calendula plant being so beneficial is yet to be certified by the medical community and the food and drug administrators for its contribution in the regarding field. And this is the reason why many research have not taken place for the functions and uses of this herb. But yet this plant or herb is genuinely very helpful in treating problems but analysing the use of this herb or plant costs huge.

Calendula is also known as common marigold. It is been in use for many centuries because of its ability to treat injuries and skin irritation. People use it also to cure aching wounds which is caused by eczema. During American civil war the use of calendula was authorised and certified by the authorities. Use of this plant to cure wounds of the soldiers in the battleground was common for the doctors. It became an efficient antiseptic to stop the bleeding from the wounds, to protect it from any infection and increase the process of healing the injuries. It was also commonly used at the time of First World War Common marigold is considered as a very noticeable and useful healer which can be used for treating injuries locally. Its application at affected area heals the granulation tissue healthily which helps in quick recovery of the injury or wound. Extracts of marigold are not only limited for healing of injuries or wounds. But today it is also used for healing cracked heels, feet and hands. If mixed with suitable components it gives comfort in twitching veins or heals scratches. It helps in treating burns when mixed with apple cider vinegar. Mixture of marigold tea and apple cider vinegar is helpful in treating burns if applied to the affected area. Its squeeze also helps in giving relief from burning sensation. It is highly useful for treating lacerations, wounds, scratches and any other injuries without causing any septic infection.

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