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Fir Needle Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Balsam fir needle has a long list of uses. This herb has many pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical properties. Fir needles are used in the extraction of oil and steam distillation process is used in the oils extraction. The fir tree has a very rich fragrance. It adds to the spirit of Christmas as its fragrance is pronounced during the Christmas festival. The fir liquid has a very stimulating aroma which helps in refreshing mind and the soul, its aroma is very refreshing and soothing to mind.

The fir essential oil is an expensive component and it is due to the soothing aroma of the fir essential needle which makes it such expensive one. The oil is used in the items that require added scent such as in making candles, lamps and diffusers. This oil provides instant relief to the mind as well as to the body and helps the person recovering from exhaustion. This helps in making the mind more responsive and prompt as it emits a stimulating fresh scent. It helps in preventing diseases like arthritis, rheumatism and muscular pains after being diluted and thus it is analgesic oil. It also kills the germs and bacteria’s in the air and helps in cleaning the air. Other common diseases like cough and cold can also be treated by using this oil.

It scents a woody forest aroma when diluted with other oils such as cedar wood, spruce and pin oil. The aroma of this oil is wonderful. It also has many antiseptic, antimicrobial, analgesic and stimulating properties. This oil helps in improving the breathing ability and in treatment of muscular pain. This oil has been in use since centuries.


The winter season provides the perfect climate for the harvestation of the Balsam fir. Maximum amount of oil is obtained by the trees harvested in the winter season.


Steam distillation process is used in the extraction of the fir needle oil. Needles of the pine tree are used in the extraction and their harvestation takes place in Russia. The trees are tall and green in colour and thus are ideal for the Christmas occasion worldwide.


The Balsam tree oil acts as a tonic in the treatment of cold and cough just like any other conifer oil. It is also used to specially loosen the dry cough. It is highly beneficial for the people suffering from arthritis as it possess a soothing warm tendency. The regular massage from this oil helps in treating the pain joints or causes by rheumatism. Due to its anti-anxiety properties it helps in calming the body and also in relaxing the mind too. It has been used in the treatment of any kind of sinus infections and thus has been in use since centuries. It is also used in the treatment of common fever. Balsam fir oil is extremely soothing and helps relieve the pains which provide instant respite. When this oil is diluted with other oils a wonderful foresty aroma is obtained which helps in treating the pain and getting relieved from anxiety. It should be only used under an expert’s supervision as it may cause skin problem.

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