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Radish Seed Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Botanical Name: Raphanus caudatus

Color: Green

Part typically used: Seed

Application: Rat tail radish is a kind of radish, grown typically for its seeds. This seed is edible and can be used for procuring amazing oil from it.

Product description:

Radishes are of multiple types, among which, Rat tail radish is grown exclusively for its seeds. Also known as tail pod radish or the serpent radish, this plant belongs from the Raphanus, and known for the seeds, which are edible. It is available in Southeast Asia and in India, and historical evidence portrays that this seed is originated from China. Radish seed is used for extracting a perfect kind of oil, used for treating multiple health benefits. These are similar to the ones as commonly used in salads. This type of radish is extracted from the seeds and not from the roots.

Key benefits:

Radish seeds are defined to be the perfect medicine for topical skin remedy. According to some people, this seed oil has the key values to treat greasy skin, stomach illnesses and even used for promoting blood circulation.

Herbal remedies: Due to the magnificent herbal remedies, this product is used for treating multiple skin conditions. It is a perfect relief from ringworm alongside other types of topical fungal infections. This oil is mainly used for treating various infections, and not quite as your daily treatment.

Digestive problems: The radish seed oil is used for treating some internal problems, as well. It is a perfect natural medicine for your digestive problems. This oil helps in stimulating appetite and way more valuable to be used after illnesses. Sometimes, this radish oil is used as diuretic and laxative, even though the effects vary from one person to another. It helps in restoring balance to unhealthy system.

Respiratory benefits: Some sources have indicated that radish seed oil is perfect for curing circulatory and respiratory benefits. During chest congestion, this oil is perfect to be used as expectorant. It comprises of proper internal application of oil. Furthermore, the same oil is used for improving circulatory rate in your body.


Radish seed oil is perfect for proper bodily circulation, and can be defined as the best herbal treatment of all time. Even though used for some of the most exclusive cuisines of all time, but the health related remedies are over the top. This is a perfect solution for those suffering from ulcers or any other fungal infections.

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