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Camphor Oil 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oil

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Available Options (Aluminum bottle start from 100ml to 1000ML)

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Botanical Name: Cinnamomum camphora

Color: White

Part typically used: wood

Application: Camphor comprises of its antiseptic and stimulant properties, making it full of incredible health benefits.

Product description:

Camphor is procured from the wood of camphor laurel. It is a large evergreen tree, which can be procured from Asia. It is mostly available in Indonesia, Sumara and even in Borneo. It is also defined as unrelated kapur tree, which is another tall timber from the said regions. Well, a version of camphor is used in cooking, and that is defined as edible camphor.However, it comprises of some religious notes, and is used in Hindu religious beliefs. Other than that camphor oil is used for multiple skin and health related benefits.

Key benefits:

You cannot deny the importance of camphor essential oil, these days. Known for its insecticide and antiseptic benefits, there are loads of options available.

Diaphoretic and stimulant: camphor oil is known to be an effective stimulant. It helps in boosting the activity, associated with digestion, circulatory system, metabolism, excretion and even secretion. This essential oil is perfect for treating digestive problems, improper circulation, overactive or sluggish metabolism rates and even obstructed secretions. There are multiple other varieties, which are associated with this segment.

Insecticide, antiseptic, germicide and more: Camphor oil is known for its impeccable germicide, disinfectant and insecticide features. It can easily be added with drinking water for disinfecting the same. It is mostly to be used during rainy and summer months, when there are higher chances of your water being infected. Bringing a cloth soaked in this oil can drive away insects.

Medical preparations: Sometimes, few drops of camphor oil are used in medical preparation. This is used for manufacturing lotions and ointments for treating skin diseases. These are further used for treating skin fungal infections and bacterial ones, too.


Sometimes, camphor oil is mixed with bathing water for disinfecting the entire body. It helps in killing lice and small bugs or parasites. Some people would love to add two drops or camphor oil with large food grain quality, from keeping the items safe from insects. Other than that, camphor oil is known for its antispasmodic option and even for its anti-inflammatory option. It is used for providing immediate relief from cramps and spasms. Moreover, this product is highly effective in curing extreme levels of spasmodic cholera. Therefore, using this oil is suitable for inner and outer healthy benefits of your body.

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